About us

Our mission is to make global supply-chain sustainability more rigorous, transparent and achievable for every business.

Founded in 2020 by Wing Chan, Shiran Zheng and Mary Wang, Sourceful was started to challenge the idea that consumers are to blame for the world's environmental problems.

Whilst consumers are asked to buy more sustainably, they only have the choices that businesses offer them. And today, businesses still struggle to offer truly sustainable products. Affordable options are scarce; accurate, usable data is thin; and supply chains are complex. Sourceful was created to fix this.

Launching in 2022, Sourceful uses data-driven tools to help companies source and manage eco-friendly products.

With our platform, companies will be able to find, customise and design sustainable products, offset their carbon footprint and partner with in-house experts to develop bespoke solutions. They will also be able to understand the impact of every choice and make decisions using real-time data.

We're bringing together the tools, data and products companies need to make their supply chains more sustainable, all in one place.

Launching early 2022. Need a solution before then? Contact us

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