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Book Wrap Mailer

Book wrap mailers are a simple, cost-effective way to ship books, magazines and other flat products. The side flaps can be folded at any height, allowing you to use the same book wrap mailer for multiple products. They can also be made from 100% recycled material and have tear strips to make unboxing easy.

  • FSC certified
  • 100% recycled material
  • Custom printing
  • Double peel & seal

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Key features


  1. Materials

    1. Bt

      Brown testliner

      FSC certified paper made from 100% recycled fibres, brown testliner is a cost-effective paper. Testliner can be printed on and is used on all of our brown book wrap mailers. Choosing testliner reduces the carbon footprint and cost of your mailer.
    2. Wk

      White kraft liner

      FSC certified, bleached liner paper made from virgin pulp. White kraft liner is a good option for printing bold colours without choosing a coated paper.
    3. E


      E-Flute (1.5-2.0mm) is used widely for these book wrap mailers unless your product requires extra protection. It has great crush resistance for its weight and is easy to fold. The high number of flutes per foot creates a smooth surface for printing.
    4. B


      B-flute (2.5-3.5mm) is commonly used across boxes of any size. It has good crush resistance and its thickness offers extra cushioning.
    5. R


      R-Flute (2.0-3.0mm) is slightly thinner (c. 20%) than B-Flute but provides similar protection. This makes it more efficient for shipping than thicker flute profiles. It also provides a flat surface for printing and is easy to fold.
    6. Wb

      Water-based inks

      Made with water as their primary base, these inks are designed for flexographic printing. More sustainable than solvent-based inks.
    7. Sp

      Single peel & seal

      One strip of adhesive covered with a fibre-based backing paper. A single peel & seal makes fulfilment fast and helps make your packaging tamper-proof. Adding a peel & seal has minimal impact on your carbon footprint.
    8. Dp

      Double peel & seal

      Two strips of adhesive covered with fibre-based backing paper. A double peel & seal makes fulfilment fast and returns easy for your customers. Adding a peel & seal has minimal impact on your carbon footprint.
  2. Production

    1. Fp

      Flexographic printing

      Flexographic printing is the most cost-effective printing process for high volumes. It's ideal for printing straightforward designs such as logos or simpler graphics and text, but some finer details can lose resolution in print.
    2. 1p

      1 colour printing

      1 colour printing is the most cost-effective option. Pantone colours ensure consistency for your branding.
    3. 2p

      2 colour printing

      2 colour printing allows for bold, high contrast designs. Pantone colours ensure consistency for your branding.
  3. Secondary packaging

    1. Cb

      Carton boxes

      Below a certain size, book wrap mailers may be packed in cardboard carton boxes and stacked onto a pallet. This protects smaller products in transit and allows for more efficient packing, reducing costs and emissions.
    2. P


      The majority of boxes are shipped on standard, UK-sized (1.0x1.2m) pallets to ensure ease of delivery.
    3. Sw

      Shrink wrapping and plastic strapping

      Any corrugated cardboard packaging stacked on pallets is secured with plastic straps to prevent movement during transit. They’re also shrink-wrapped to protect from dust and scratches. This secondary packaging has a negligible effect on a shipment’s carbon footprint and helps ensure products arrive in the best condition.
  4. Transport

    1. D


      All domestic transit (UK) is handled by road. Products produced domestically are typically dispatched and delivered 24-48 hours after production is complete.
  5. End of life

    1. Rr

      Roadside recyclable

      Sourceful book wrap mailers are widely recycled at the roadside, but end-users should always check with their local authority.

Supply chain assurance

A resilient, responsible supply chain


We validate all supplier claims and third-party certifications such as ISO, BRC and FSC. And we ensure suppliers adhere to UK and EU laws on chemicals and product components, like UK REACH. This allows businesses to confidently buy high-quality products that align with a net-zero trajectory.

All Sourceful book wrap mailers can be certified FSC Mix or FSC Recycled.

Vetted suppliers

We vet every supplier we work with. We do this through site visits and rigorous product testing.

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Quality control

Every lot from our suppliers undergoes a quality inspection process before it’s shipped. Any lot that fails quality inspection is returned to the manufacturer or reproduced.

For orders manufactured internationally (outside the UK), we follow the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) method defined by ISO 2859 - 1.

For orders manufactured domestically (inside the UK), our suppliers perform the quality inspection process which we then verify through spot checks throughout the year.

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