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Bringing even more packaging online: our biggest launch yet

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3D render of floating custom packaging.

Our product catalogue just got a whole lot bigger…

In fact, we’ve just launched ten brand new products, all the way from glassine inner bags and clamshell rigid boxes to FSC-certified folded carton boxes. All customisable, all available online — and we couldn’t be more excited.

Why is this big news? Well, for a few reasons, but perhaps most importantly: bringing these new products online makes it easier and faster than ever for your brand to access great packaging. With them online, all the information you need about each product is at your fingertips, from materials and features to its unique carbon footprint. No more PDFs or endless emails just to get your project off the ground.

And to get a quote, all you have to do is fill in a few details about your brand and project online. We’ll then send you a quote within two working days.

Aside from the benefits of bringing packaging online, each new product is adding something exciting to our existing packaging range.

Crashlock carton boxes, for example, use an interlocking base instead of a standard base. Which means to assemble it, all you have to do is push the two open edges together. As you do this, the base will fold out and lock into place. You can then pack the box and use a peel & seal or gummed tape to seal it. It's so fast and easy that packing times can be up to 50% faster than boxes with standard bases.

The best part? That’s just one of ten new products. Here’s a breakdown of the full lineup.

1. Glassine inner bag

Glassine bags are the leading plastic-free alternative to traditional polythene bags. Just as lightweight and durable, these innovative inner bags are made instead from FSC-certified paper which is 100% kerbside recyclable. The result is a 26% smaller carbon footprint than virgin plastic poly bags. For an order of 10,000 units, that’s the equivalent of travelling 298 miles in a car.

You can also brand glassine inner bags with custom printing. And to make things even better, a translucent finish makes it easy to identify products and scan barcodes even after you’ve finished packing.

A plastic-free alternative to a poly bag which not only looks and feels great but has the performance to go with it. — Hylo

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2. Clamshell rigid box

Made from durable, FSC-certified board and laminated with high-quality paper, clamshell rigid boxes excel at both protection and presentation. They’re also fully customisable (like all of our products) with finishes like foiling and embossing and are even kerbside recyclable.

When it comes to ordering clamshell rigid boxes, you can choose them to be delivered flat-packed for lower shipping rates and storage volume or pre-assembled for faster fulfilment.

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3. Shoulder and neck rigid box

With its distinctive and fully customisable neck, shoulder and neck rigid boxes offer one of the most elegant and impressive unboxing experiences. Far from their unique flair compromising on strength though, these boxes actually use an extra layer of FSC-certified board to create its trademark effect. Meaning it’s also one of the most protective options available.

If you’re shipping delicate luxury items like candles, jewellery or cosmetics, and presentation is everything, shoulder and neck rigid boxes could be your perfect match.

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4. Crashlock carton box

Crash lock carton boxes use an interlocking base to make them one of the fastest types of packaging to assemble. In fact, they can be 40-50% faster to assemble than a standard mailer box. This makes them perfect for packing high volumes by hand or simply faster fulfilment times, which can reduce costs in the process.

Crash lock carton boxes are also made from a single layer of carton board. This has a flatter surface than corrugated materials, making it a better option for printing on.

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5. Crashlock mailer box

Crashlock mailer boxes use the same interlocking base as crashlock carton boxes, so they're just as fast to pack. But they do have two key differences from crashlock carton boxes.

First, they're made from corrugated cardboard, which means the primary material is actually made up of several layers. One wavy layer of paper sandwiched between two layers of kraft liner paper. This makes it much more durable than carton board, which is why it's one of the most popular choice for e-commerce brands.

Second, crashlock mailer boxes are primarily used for shipping instead of retail packaging. You can still use crashlock mailer boxes in a retail setting, but any printing or artwork won't look as crisp as it would on carton board. In short: both are made for modern business and rapid fulfilment, but their use cases are different.

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6. Food tray sleeve

Food tray sleeves are a versatile solution for branding food trays, especially if you have a smaller budget and don’t want to commit to fully branded packaging just yet. Instead of designing a full range of packaging, you can simply slip on a branded food tray sleeve, adding colour and other artwork to keep your brand front and centre until the first bite.

And as food tray sleeves are simple to design with minimal testing needed, it’s fast and easy to update your designs to reflect new campaigns or seasonal trends, all without having to modify your core packaging.

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7. Carton board box sleeve

Carton board box sleeves offer all of the same benefits as a food tray sleeve, only they pair perfectly with mailer boxes. So if you’re a small brand just getting started or have a particularly tight budget for your project, carton board box sleeves may be the flexible solution to your packaging problems.

Plus they’ll add an extra layer to the unboxing experience.

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8. Tray and lid rigid box

Top and base rigid boxes are made from the same durable carton board that shoulder and neck rigid boxes are made from. The only difference: they have no neck. Which, depending on your brand and artwork, may be a better option stylistically. For example, you may want your artwork to continue unbroken around your packaging.

Aside from that, they have all of the same benefits: a durable, rigid construction with a smooth surface that’s great for printing on. Combined, it’s the ideal packaging for luxury products, from fragrances and drinks to candles and cosmetics. And as always, they’re fully customisable.

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9. Folded carton box

Folded carton boxes are the industry standard for retail product packaging. Made from lightweight carton board laminated with paper, they’re great for printing on, whether product information, artwork or other brand assets. And with a large opening, they’re fast to pack; a key part to keeping your shelves stocked or orders flying out.

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10. Bookwrap mailer

Bookwrap mailers are a simple, cost-effective way to ship books, magazines and other flat products. The side flaps can be folded at any height, allowing you to use the same book mailer for multiple products. They’re also 100% recyclable from the roadside and have tear strips to make unboxing easy for your customers.

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Bringing more packaging online

It’s a big launch. new packaging products, all available online. And as we said, that means it’s easier and faster for your brand to access world-class packaging. Everything is at your fingertips, including a team of experts in case you need a helping hand. So, what are you waiting for?

Discover all new packaging

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