Our mission is to use science and data to create the packaging the world needs

Looped animated image of a live supply flow. The supply flow is in the infinity shape and loops between suppliers on the left, Sourceful in the middle and businesses on the right. This is referred to as a source of good by Sourceful.

Our story

After years of helping build global brands like Myprotein and LOOKFANTASTIC, we started Sourceful — the packaging platform for climate-conscious brands.

We did this because switching to more sustainable packaging is still painfully hard. Options that don’t compromise are rare. Greenwashing is rife. Conflicting advice makes you doubt decisions. And finding new suppliers you can trust is a full time job.

Sourceful is the solution. One place with everything you need to design, produce and manage more sustainable packaging. From seasoned experts to packaging that’s backed by science instead of hype, we make it simple.

And with everything in one place, it’s easier and faster (and cheaper) for brands to make the progress they want and that the planet urgently needs.

So far, we’ve helped some incredible brands, like Zoe, Wild, Daye and Thrift+. And whilst each customer is different, our aim is always the same: help them create the best and most sustainable packaging possible — easily and without compromise.

Wing and Sharon
Co-founders of Sourceful

In the news

The great thing about Sourceful is that it refuses to give consumers guilt. We all produce a lot of rubbish, even if we are trying to cut down. Sourceful cuts down the amount of rubbish to dump in the first place.
Andy Martin, The Independent
Andy Martin, The Independent

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