Solving the packaging puzzle

Unpack the latest trends from across the packaging industry

The report
Solving the packaging puzzle is a wide-ranging and in-depth piece of exclusive research from Sourceful.
The report unpacks the latest trends from across the industry based on input from 280 direct-to-consumer businesses, revealing the inefficiencies with the packaging supply chain.
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Key insights

What's in the report?

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The typical e-commerce company spends over £1m per year on packaging and will have 1 in 6 employees involved in the packaging supply chain.


For close to half of companies, reducing packaging waste and increasing sustainability is their number one priority – a trend driven by consumers demanding eco-friendly materials.


71% of companies say that they are intending to invest in tech solutions to improve their packaging operations.


Delays and poor-quality products result in around £150,000 of wastage each year for the average e-commerce company.

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