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better packaging choices

Understand your footprint

We use the latest science and data to help you understand your impact across the full life cycle, enabling better choices.

Reduce your footprint

We help you choose the right packaging for both brand and planet by using granular data insights on product options to.

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Offset the rest

We partner with best-in-class carbon removal partners to give you a hassle-free offset. And we automatically offset all international logistics, too.

Communicate your impact to customers with confidence

Responsible sourcing

Vetting suppliers gives us transparency into the manufacturing process and each suppliers’ operations. This means we’re confident in the quality and sustainability of our products.

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Full life cycle assessment data

Detailed assessments to help you understand the impact of your packaging with a gold-standard methodology independently verified to ISO standards.

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In-house sustainability experts

Powered by seasoned sustainability professionals, with experience from world-renowned brands, our team are available to help you improve the impact of your packaging.

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Carbon removal

More than planting trees

Hassle-free offsets
We make it possible for any brand to take stand-out climate action, with a one-click offset.
Exceptional projects
We work with independent experts to find and vet the highest quality permanent carbon removal projects.
No hidden fees
We pass on 100% of your contribution to our project partners and match it.
Our Approach
Sustainability is our foundation.
Here’s how we’re delivering packaging for the planet.
Our Approach

Our planet needs change from every industry. Climate change, amongst other environmental crises, is demanding that every sector transforms how it does business. Packaging is no exception. And actually represents a unique opportunity for impact - it’s needed in pretty much every industry and improvement is actionable now. But responding to this challenge as a brand is daunting. What does more sustainable actually mean? Which solutions will deliver results without compromising on function? How reliable is the supply chain of these new materials? Our aim is to empower brands to navigate this new world and deliver sustainable change without compromise.

It starts with transparency. If we want to deliver real impact, we must also show it. This is why we built our own carbon data engine; to give brands complete visibility into the full life cycle emissions of every product. It’s also why we partner with universities to test our products and make verified claims. Without transparency, it’s impossible to know which direction is the best direction. Or which packaging solutions deliver the biggest leap forward. Instead, we’re left to rely on the latest supposed ‘green products’ that might be backed by patchy statistics. We want to turn the tide and champion transparency as a path to taking climate action.

We’re proud of our progress, but we’re not satisfied yet. Cutting packaging emissions by 20-50% doesn’t need to take 10 years — it’s possible today. This year, for example, we delivered new packaging for Hylo that reduced their packaging carbon footprint by 29%. We also published a study with leading academics on the true environmental impact of compostable plastic packaging, helping brands steer clear of solutions that could actually increase their emissions. Whilst these milestones are important, this is only the beginning of creating positive change at scale. And we want the progress we’re making today to be the industry standard, not the exception.

Our ultimate aim is zero carbon emissions, zero waste packaging. Put simply, this is what is needed to address climate change and waste pollution. However we recognise that we’re not there yet. So we’re investing in the solutions available now, that put us on a path toward zero, not the distracting solutions that don’t. By accelerating the transition to better packaging, together we can have a positive impact at scale.

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