We're helping businesses slash the environmental impact of their supply chains

In August this year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released their landmark report. Its devastating findings proved that the planet is warming more rapidly than anticipated and that humans are undeniably causing it.

Whilst everyone is responsible, companies have the greatest potential for climate action. The major consumer industries (food, fashion and FMCG), for example, represent three of the top four most polluting sectors, accounting for around 35% of global emissions. Approximately 83% of those emissions come from their supply chains. In short, reducing the environmental impact of supply chains is critical in combatting climate change.

There are, however, roadblocks to reducing these emissions. One is the lack of accurate, usable data. Without this, businesses can't understand their environmental footprint and take action on it. There's also no universal language around definitions, causing confusion and slowing progress. And business-to-business sourcing continues to be fragmented, complex and increasingly global.

How we're helping businesses
Being a truly sustainable business means maximising the positive impact for both people and the planet. Here's how we're helping businesses accelerate their impact.

Access to high-impact products

We use proprietary impact data to assess every product we source for our clients. This ensures they meet rigorous standards on sustainability, time after time.

Vetted Suppliers

We vet every supplier we work with against our code of conduct to verify they meet best practices in sustainability, working conditions, compliance, quality and more.

Access to frontier offsets

Sourceful Climate gives businesses access to the world's leading carbon removal projects. Offset the footprint of your products or organisation with frontier technologies and take stand-out action on climate change.

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