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The world’s carbon budget, which represents the maximum amount of CO2 in the atmosphere before we compromise the planet's liveability, is fast running out. The planet is expected, under all scenarios, to hit the 1.5-degree warming limit by 2030, 70 years before it should (IPCC AR6, 2021).

The supply chains that we rely on today are not just slow-moving and outdated, they are increasingly unsustainable, with the top eight global supply chains accounting for more than half of global emissions (World Economic Forum, 2021). This means that supply chains are critical in combatting climate change.

At Sourceful, we’re giving businesses the tools to reduce the footprint of their supply chains today.

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We want to free businesses from having to sacrifice growth to be impactful - here’s how

Create more sustainable products

We provide businesses access to products that can be customised to suit their exact needs, all with impact in mind. Sourceful’s all-in-one platform helps target all forms of waste in the supply chain: wasted time, energy and resources, from material selection, to the production process, transport routing and end of life.

For example, you could reduce the carbon footprint of your mailer box by up to 12% by using Sourceful’s platform to make smarter choices that suit your unique business needs.

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Use robust carbon footprint data to understand your impact in real-time

We show you the carbon footprint of your product in real-time. To make this possible, we built a dynamic life cycle assessment (LCA) engine, its methodology verified to ISO standards 14040 and 14044 by an independent panel of LCA experts.

The data is supplier, product and variant-specific, meaning we collect and quality assess primary data directly from our manufacturers. This allows us to estimate the environmental impact of each product’s full life cycle.

Simplified example of how to understand your impact using Sourceful. Includes a graph showing how to track your quarterly carbon emission targets.

Access frontier carbon offsetting

We make it easy for you to offset the carbon footprint of any order through some of the world’s most exciting frontier carbon removal projects.

These projects aren’t your ordinary carbon offsets. Instead, they’ve been handpicked and vetted by us as the best high durability projects that balance ability to scale to meet demand, quality and a viable path to affordability. The Sourceful offset portfolio contains a mix of different removal technologies that, at scale, give our planet a fighting chance of achieving net zero.

Simplified example of how to offset the carbon footprint of an order in Sourceful shop. Includes how the carbon estimate for a product is displayed.

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