Why Sourceful

Sourcing made smarter

The all-in-one platform for sustainable sourcing, designed to help you balance cost, time and impact.

Selection of e-commerce packaging products including shipping boxes, mailer boxes and tapes. Three white cards are displayed showing price per unit, approximate delivery time and the carbon estimate per unit.

Everything you need for a better supply in one place

One streamlined platform

Sourceful makes sourcing simple, fast and smart. Move outdated, time-consuming workflows online like proofing. Customise everything directly in your browser and get live pricing for products like mailer boxes, gummed tape and shipping boxes.

Overview of sustainable products sold by Sourceful. Includes opened brown mailer box, white shipping box and two rolled out tapes.

Make better decisions with better data

Sourceful is the first platform to bring together live data on carbon footprint, price and delivery in one place. Climate-conscious businesses leverage this data to understand the impact of every design choice, reduce their footprint and balance trade-offs.

Simplified example of how to understand your impact using Sourceful. Includes a graph tracking quarterly carbon emission targets.

Minimise waste with intuitive tools

Use intuitive tools like Auto-Stock to measure, predict and track inventory. More accuracy, less waste. Or use custom-sizing to create packaging with the exact dimensions you need and eliminate wasted space.

Simplified example of Sourceful’s Auto Stock service. Includes a display showing low stock inventory and a call out to replenish mailer boxes at the click of a button.

Resilience built in

Access innovative products sourced from a global network of vetted suppliers. Minimise disruptions to your supply chain and meet customer demand.

White rectangular background showing a dot map in grey with a few blue dots designed to represent supply chain resiliency. The bottom right corner shows a factory icon and the left corner includes packaging products like shipping box, mailer box and tapes.

Backed by world-renowned investors

We've partnered with investors who believe in creating positive impact at scale.


Trusted by businesses of all sizes

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Direct to manufacturer relationships

Source more sustainable packaging at the best price available.

Backed by the latest science

Leverage our carbon footprint methodology verified by experts to ISO standards.

Why trust our data?

Vetted suppliers

We vet every supplier before working with them, and review their practices annually.

Our supplier vetting process

Outsource warehousing

Free up space and store everything in our warehouse.

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