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HERA is an exciting UK-based clothing brand whose values centre around the end-to-end transparency of their products


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Recycled mailing bag

HERA is a UK-based fashion brand that launched in 2015 and rapidly grew with the help of influencers including Brooklyn Beckham, Sophie Richards and Hailey Beiber. In 2019, the director of Gymshark acquired a majority share with the aim to turn HERA into the next £100 million fashion label.

Despite this, up until working with Sourceful, HERA was shipping most of their clothing in unbranded mailer bags, weakening the customer experience and feeling out of line with the brand’s high-end image. Not only this, but HERA was ordering their packaging through a 3PL. HERA wanted to switch to branded packaging that also met their sustainability targets, but their current solution made taking the first step almost impossible.


An end-to-end packaging partner

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HERA wanted to enter the world of branded packaging the right way. Their aim: launch a new flagship mailer bag which would be the front cover for almost every order. And after an initial run of mailer bags for a temporary collaboration with The Salvation Army, HERA knew Sourceful could deliver.

One crucial part of the project was sampling. As HERA’s new mailer bag would be faced with the trials of international transit, they had to be tough. Whilst a 60-micron thickness is the industry standard, 60 microns was found to be too thin, risking the product and the customer experience. Based on the results, and after advice from our sustainability team, we selected an 80-micron, GRS-certified material made from 98% recycled plastic that was the ideal balance between durability and weight. We also ran more sampling rounds to find three Pantone colours that perfectly matched their brand.

Importantly, all of the product development, sampling, sustainability advice and production happened under one roof with Sourceful. HERA didn’t need expensive third-party designers, 3PLs or sustainability consultants. Everything was in one place, meaning HERA could move faster with less complexity.


Renewed brand recognition and a better customer experience

HERA now sends its clothing out in bespoke branded mailer bags, a major step forward from the bland stock packaging they used. For their customers, this means a better and more cohesive experience, keeping the HERA brand front and centre until the moment of unboxing. And for HERA it means better brand recognition alongside a packaging operation that no longer relies on expensive middlemen.

Just as importantly, HERA’s switch to more sustainable packaging didn’t compromise on performance or price. And with tangible sustainability credentials behind their new packaging, HERA can shout about their progress loud and clear.


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