Tala decided the right packaging based on it's customer-driven values. Read the full story.

Empowering customers to take climate action with certified packaging


T/ALA is a sustainable activewear brand, founded by Grace Beverly, which delivers on performance, fit, quality and style, without the hefty price tag.

Tala decided the right packaging based on it's customer-driven values. Read the data.

Radically reduce packaging emissions

Expandable paper mailer bag

Tala is an up-and-coming activewear label, part of the new wave of fashion brands putting sustainability at the heart of their clothing. Whilst they were already using a recycled mailer bag, a great alternative to virgin poly mailer bags, Tala wanted to move away from plastic entirely. They also wanted packaging that their customers could easily recycle at home, empowering them to play their part in tackling the climate crisis and reducing Tala’s footprint even further.


Certified paper packaging made in the UK

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UV Varnish

With so many alternatives and green promises on the market, Tala needed an easy way to compare options. So, we drew up a life cycle assessment of the main contenders, allowing Tala to quickly assess the environmental impact of each option. We also included price data to make sure any decision was within budget.

Before our comparison data, Tala toyed with the idea of compostable packaging, but our report quickly flagged its true environmental impact: up to 2x worse* than traditional poly mailer bags. With the numbers in front of them and guidance from our sustainability team, Tala instead decided on an FSC-certified paper mailer bag, made here in the UK. By sourcing locally, Tala didn’t have to ship from overseas, reducing emissions and the risk of supply chain disruptions. And with the certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Tala could be confident that the materials in their new packaging were from responsibly-managed sources.

We then produced a full life cycle assessment of Tala’s new packaging, showing how the switch would reduce their carbon footprint by up to 49%.


More sustainable packaging with the data to prove it

Tala was ecstatic with their new custom paper mailer bag, matching their vision of packaging that’s more sustainable in practice, not just in theory. And in line with the brief, Tala’s customers could recycle the packaging from home, with zero effort. Importantly, Tala also had verified sustainability data about their new packaging, which they could pass on to customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Tala decided the right packaging based on it's customer-driven values. Read the full story.

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