3D render of floating custom packaging for CBD brand Trip, including custom inserts.

Fuelling TRIP's expansion with more sustainable packaging

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TRIP is the UK's #1 CBD oils and CBD drinks brand, powered by natural botanicals to help you find your calm

3D render of floating custom packaging with key statistics like "100% recyclable".

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TRIP is the UK's #1 CBD oils and CBD drinks brand. They’re also officially the UK’s fastest-growing soft drinks brand.

But rapid growth can lead to packaging problems, which TRIP was feeling. Not only did they need new packaging that could safely ship their just-launched CBD oil products which came in glass bottles, but they also needed a supplier that could keep up with soaring demand. Any delays, stockouts or mismanaged supply would be costly, especially whilst TRIP expanded into new markets.

There were two final layers to the project. First TRIP had recently rebranded, meaning multiple SKUs needed updating. Second, TRIP had definite and rigorous sustainability targets.


Flexible packaging solutions built for e-commerce

Custom mailer box with custom inserts for CBD oil company TRIP.
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With safety in mind, Sourceful designed a new custom mailer box that would act as the outer packaging of any CBD oil order. We then designed and produced three modular custom inserts that could hold one, two or three CBD oil bottles. TRIP’s fulfilment team could then simply pick the correct insert depending on the order and fit it flush inside the mailer box. This meant the fragile bottles couldn’t move in transit, eliminating the movement that often leads to damage whilst simultaneously removing the need for void fill. It also meant a neat and professional unboxing experience for TRIP’s customers.

As the icing on the cake, we replaced the need for self-adhesive tape with a durable peel & seal and improved the colour-matching of brand colours across their new packaging.

After our first project with TRIP, we used the same combination of mailer boxes and custom inserts to produce a new multi-product packaging design for their welcome pack.


High-performance packaging to supercharge growth

Instead of TRIP’s packaging becoming a risk during a crucial time in the business, it’s now an essential part of delivering new products safely and on brand. Everything is also 100% kerbside recyclable and made from FSC-certified materials, another important milestone that will drive down their impact and boost brand loyalty.

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3D render of floating custom packaging for CBD brand Trip, including custom inserts.

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