How Fenton switched to sustainable packaging and reduced costs with Sourceful

When your packaging needs to align with your brand values.

Emma Lee
Emma Lee
Head of Design at Fenton
Jerome Brustlein
Jerome Brustlein
COO at Fenton


Fenton is a certified B Corp that produces high-end, responsibly sourced engagement rings. Their mission: bring transparency and ethical practices to the luxury jewellery market. To ensure their values were reflected across every touchpoint, Fenton wanted to overhaul their packaging and find a truly sustainable, luxurious solution. They partnered with Sourceful to help them design, source and produce their new packaging.

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The Challenge

Fenton knew they wanted and needed to redesign their packaging. They were sending customers the ring box, provenance documents and a brochure in one gift box, but they wanted to ensure all elements were presented in the same luxury feel. The unboxing experience needed to be more premium to be in line with their luxury brand. In addition, Fenton wanted to switch the materials used to meet their sustainability targets. Managing their packaging was also tricky. Different components were coming from different suppliers, which meant lead times and requirements varied, and delivery was fragmented. For Fenton, it was a complex, time-consuming process.

These same problems made it difficult to start the redesign. Any advice Fenton got was disjointed and impossible to act on. And inconsistent lead times made it even harder to move forward. Fenton needed a single source of guidance and help finding reliable suppliers that could deliver.

The Solution

With Sourceful, Fenton found an end-to-end partner for their redesign. Sourceful helped with everything from sustainability advice, packaging design and artwork to sampling, production and quality assurance. Fenton was also able to access Sourceful's network of vetted suppliers, removing the need to search themselves and allowing them to confidently move from concept to delivery.

After multiple iterations, a moulded pulp insert was created to bring together all the packaging components within a redesigned gift box. The ring box, documents and brochure were now presented as one luxurious package. And to replace the animal leather and suede in the original ring box, over 40 fabric samples were sourced and tested. The final material was vegan, and the colours and textures complemented the Fenton brand.

“Before Sourceful, we had several suppliers with different conditions and timelines. It was a nightmare to manage. Sourceful provided us with a reliable, comprehensive solution for all our needs with a team willing to go above and beyond. I'm looking forward to working with them even more as we expand our product range."
Jerome Brustlein, COO at Fenton

The Result

Fenton was able to align their packaging with their ethical and sustainable values. Their ring box is now 100% vegan leather and all paper-based components are FSC certified and 100% recyclable. Everything they ship arrives as a single unified package, dramatically improving the unboxing experience for their customers. Leveraging Sourceful's direct-to-manufacturer relationships, Fenton was finally able to execute their redesign and reduce packaging costs by 50%. Fenton is now working with Sourceful on new packaging for an upcoming product line. | @fentonandco

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