Fenton created luxury jewellery packaging that aligns with their brand values. Read the full story.

Revamping packaging for a sustainability-conscious jewellery brand


Fenton is one of only a few jewellers that are B Corp, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability

Discover how Sourceful helped Fenton create luxury jewellery packaging that aligns with their brand values. Read the data.

Unifying Fenton's packaging operation to be more sustainable

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Fenton is a certified B Corp that produces high-end, responsibly sourced engagement rings. Their mission: bring transparency and ethical practices to the luxury jewellery market. Despite such a clear purpose though, their packaging didn’t work for both the team and the customer.

Whilst they sent their ring boxes, provenance documents and brochure in one gift box, nothing was bundled together, making for a messy unboxing experience. The ring boxes themselves were also made from animal leather. Fenton had wanted to switch to vegan leather for some time but had struggled to find an alternative that didn’t compromise on function or feel.

Managing their packaging was also tricky. Different components came from different suppliers, which meant lead times varied and delivery was fragmented. For Fenton, their entire packaging operation was a complex, time-consuming process. These same problems made it difficult for Fenton to make any progress on a redesign. Advice was disjointed and impossible to act on, and inconsistent lead times made it even harder to move forward.


An all-in-one packaging supplier

Custom mailer box with inside printing for jewellery brand Fenton.
Printed collateral and custom ring box for jewellery brand Fenton.
Custom packaging made by Sourceful for jewellery brand Fenton.
Vegan custom ring box for jewellery brand Fenton.
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With Sourceful, Fenton found an end-to-end partner for their redesign. We handled everything from sustainability, packaging design and artwork to sampling, production and quality assurance.

After multiple iterations, we designed a moulded pulp insert that brought together all the packaging components that used to be scattered, which then neatly fitted into a new custom gift box. And to replace the animal leather and suede in the original ring box, we sourced and tested over 40 fabrics to find the perfect match for Fenton. The final material was certified vegan — a landmark moment for the brand.

Luckily for Fenton, everything was handled in-house at Sourceful. Which meant a single source for the entire redesign, resulting in fewer emails to keep track of, less time managing fragmented suppliers, less conflicting advice and a faster overall project.


Brand-aligned packaging and a seamless unboxing experience

Fenton’s packaging now crucially matches both their luxury brand and ethical values. Their ring box is now 100% vegan leather, and all paper-based components are FSC-certified and 100% kerbside recyclable. What’s more, everything they ship arrives as a single unified package, dramatically improving the unboxing experience for their customers. And using Sourceful's network of vetted suppliers, Fenton was finally able to complete their redesign, all whilst reducing packaging costs by 50%.

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Fenton created luxury jewellery packaging that aligns with their brand values. Read the full story.

"Before Sourceful, we had several suppliers with different conditions and timelines. It was a nightmare to manage. Sourceful provided us with a reliable, comprehensive solution for all our needs with a team willing to go above and beyond."

Jerome Brustlein
COO, Fenton

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