Nutritional startup ZOE transformed their packaging with a rigid box solution. Read the full story.

Delivering the best unboxing experience

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ZOE is a high-growth category innovator in personalised nutrition programmes

Nutritional startup ZOE transformed their packaging. Read the success data.

Creating the perfect unboxing experience

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ZOE is one of the fastest-growing personalised nutrition apps, with over 2 million users, £68M of funding and high-profile investors like Steven Bartlett flocking to back the startup. But whilst they are delivering the most cutting-edge nutrition program in the world, their packaging didn’t reflect it. For one, the unboxing experience didn’t feel personalised, and neither did it build anticipation for their pioneering product. The complexity of the testing kits, partly due to the packaging, also meant c.7% of customers made human errors with the tests, which required new tests to be sent to them.

As an extra layer to the project, ZOE needed all of the new packaging within 3 months before they ran out of stock when they would be forced to order more substandard packaging.


A flexible box design with exceptional sustainability credentials to match

Yellow custom packaging for nutritional startup Zoe, including rigid boxes, mailer boxes and custom stickers.
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From the start, flexibility was essential. ZOE sends each test kit in a rigid box that includes all testing equipment, with bespoke fitments to hold specific components such as glucose monitoring patches. They also come with prepaid returns boxes. With multiple tests available, ZOE needed the option of shipping different combinations, so we designed a new outer mailer box that allowed them to fine tune their packaging depending on the tests included. This meant a consistent and elegant unboxing experience for customers and allowed ZOE to more accurately order stock.

Another important part of the redesign was the rigid box itself. Traditionally, rigid boxes use magnets for closure, which means they can’t be recycled. But given the importance of recycling, we designed a non-magnetic alternative. ZOE’s rigid boxes are now 100% kerbside recyclable, and by removing the magnets we reduced the box’s emissions by up to 66%.

As an extra step to drive emissions down, we sourced the yellow paper from a supplier local to the manufacturer in China instead of importing it from the UK. We took the same approach for all other paper and board and used soy-based inks for printing. We also kept any foiling to <10% of the total packaging weight to ensure it was recyclable to UK and US standards. This helped ZOE meet their sustainability target of 100% recycled material across their new packaging.


A brand new packaging line and a personalised experience for every customer

ZOE has a brand new packaging line that matches their world-leading offering, made up of sixteen bespoke products and complete with a fresh visual identity from award-winning agency Ragged Edge. Everything was delivered on time, and the redesign has been so successful it’s created its own micro-trend on social media with customers using the phrase, “it’s yellow box day!” to announce their delivery.

Logistically, all packaging is produced in one location and shipped to the UK and US via sea freight, a much more sustainable option than air freight. ZOE’s new packaging is also grouped in bundles, wrapped with paper straps and boxed in FSC-certified cartons. After just a few reorders, we reduced shipment size by 8%, leading to even more cost and emissions reductions for ZOE.

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Nutritional startup ZOE transformed their packaging with a rigid box solution. Read the full story.

"Sourceful allowed us to rapidly redesign our entire packaging range with zero disruption to our business."

Gor Zakaryan
Operations Director, Zoe

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