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Track inventory, automate replenishment, outsource warehousing and more.

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How it works

Integrate or import your data to Auto-Stock. We don't need any customer data, just the product type and volume.

Or use on-demand, no data needed.

Sourceful has helped us with a really efficient and scalable solution. This has ensured we can keep orders flowing without fear of running out of packaging supplies.
Eleanor Pitt - Founder, Stitched
Eleanor Pitt
Founder, Stitched

An intelligent inventory management system designed to upgrade outdated workflows and reduce waste

Track inventory across multiple locations

Track, analyse and optimise your inventory with the same tool. Consolidate scattered information and make better decisions.

Distribute your packaging anywhere

With Auto-Stock, you can send packaging to multiple locations, no matter how many you have. Streamline your supply chain.

Simplify and automate reordering

Get notifications when inventory levels are low. Then reorder with one click, or automate the entire process.

Outsource your warehousing

Reduce unit costs, free up space and draw down stock at any time.

Before Sourceful, we were trying to handle everything at the expense of the business. Now we're more efficient, we have more time to focus on growing and we've reduced costs. It's incredible to see the difference.
Lana Elie, CEO & Founder, Floom
Lana Elie, CEO & Founder, Floom

Used by companies to save costs whilst never running out of the packaging they need when they need it

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