Impact Engine

Live data on carbon footprint, price and delivery

Understand your impact. Make informed decisions. And reduce your carbon footprint.

How it works

A life cycle assessment in real time

Get the information you need to make better decisions now, not later.

Methodology backed by leading scientists and LCA experts

ISO verified

Meet carbon emission targets

Leverage Sourceful's real-time life cycle assessment data to understand the impact of any product and configuration.

Then use new insights to reduce your impact, balance trade-offs and share progress.

Meet your commercial targets

Use live pricing to prevent overspending, inform pricing strategies and validate decisions. Never wait for a quote again.

Meet your production targets

See live lead times as you customise your packaging. Balance speed with sustainability and price, meet customer demand and manage inventory better.

The quality of impact data could be the difference between success and failure for our planet
Albert Howard - Head of Sustainability, Sourceful
Albert Howard
Head of Sustainability, Sourceful

Used by businesses to understand their impact, reduce costs and slash their carbon footprint

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