Upgrade your packaging design process

Use Sourceful’s design studio to customise, visualise and proof packaging, directly in your browser.

Works with your favourite design tools

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Simplified example of Sourceful's Studio service. Open brown mailer box with black design appears on a blue screen. The top corner of the mailer box is zoomed in on. There are design icons in the right side and three display navigation options on the left side.

How it works

Create better, more sustainable packaging that helps you stand out to your customers

Customise packaging to meet your exact needs

Create the ideal packaging for any product, stand out from competitors and connect with customer values.

Design with the environment in mind

Understand how every design choice affects your carbon footprint, price and delivery speed with real-time impact data.

Sourceful branded mailer box appearing on a white screen background. Includes a white card call out showing the product's carbon estimate per unit.

A seamless design process for a faster, streamlined and less wasteful workflow for your team

Work with the tools your team already know. Then move time-consuming tasks online, like proofing.

Bring your ideas to life

See artwork, colours and finishes in realistic detail with HD rendering.

White tape with Sourceful branding on a white screen background. Part of the tape is zoomed in on and there are three icons in the right bottom corner.

Visualise and proof packaging that feels real

Turn static 2D designs into animated 3D prototypes in minutes.

Open shipping box with Sourceful branding shown on a white display screen. On the right are three different viewpoints of the same box to show how users can visualise every angle of their product in Sourceful Studio.

Avoid errors, minimise revisions

Finalise every detail before ordering. Save the time, reduce costs and waste.

Semi transparent background showing a rolled out white tape with Sourceful branding. Warning pop up is displayed in front saying "Incorrect colour profile in use".

Used by teams to design better, more sustainable packaging

Start designing Sourcefully today